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Our Professional Lawn Care Products

We offer professional grade products that you need to get your lawn looking amazing. Not sure where to start? Book a consultation with our Turf expert. Starting your lawn from scratch? Check out our grass seed. Want to be the envy of your neighbours? We have some great fertilisers available. Have trouble with weeds and insects? Our pesticides will knock out any unwanted intruders on your lawn. PRICE PROMISE - Find a product with the same active ingredients cheaper elsewhere, and we'll beat it by 10% *T&Cs apply


Stabilised Pro N+ Green | Granular Fertiliser


Pro Initiator | Fertiliser


BioHumic | Organic Fertiliser


Liquid Pro Humic + | Organic Fertiliser


Liquid Pro + Kakariki | Fertiliser


HydratePro | Liquid Wetting Agent


MoisturePro G | Granular Wetting Agent
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About Our Professional Lawn Care Services

We are Auckland-based lawn care specialists that have been in operation since 2018. Our team has helped out hundreds of Kiwis make their lawns look awesome. With our philosophy on communication and education, we hope to empower our clients with the kind of knowledge and premium care products we have to help them manage and enhance their lawns.

Here at MOTO Turf, we will take the time to listen to your goals and find a tailored, bespoke lawn care solution that suits your needs. You will love the feeling of having your friends and whānau admiring your own work of art!

Book a consultation with our lawn care specialist to learn more about how you can make your lawn look fantastic today and all year round!

PRICE PROMISE – Find a product with the same active ingredients cheaper elsewhere, and we’ll beat it by 10% *T&Cs apply

Why your lawn needs the best quality products that are proven

We’ll let you in on a secret:  Professional grade lawncare products are the key to a healthy and presentable lawn. It is often the case that products are not prescribed correctly with the correct advice which leaves room for error. MOTO Turf will take the time to listen to your goals and existing lawn conditions to offer a tailored programme for your lawn which will include easy to understand instructions so you can get the enjoyment of telling your friends and whānau that this is your work of art!

Here at MOTO Turf, we prioritise facilitating a healthy amount of growth. Rapid top growth can actually weaken your grass because the plant is expending more nutrients into the part you can see at the expense of the roots below. Ensuring that the roots get an even amount of nutrients, therefore, is a crucial component of why you should choose MOTO Turf.

Choose the right nutrients with MOTO Turf

Lawn Fertiliser NZ

The team at MOTO Turf compare lawns and turf relatively closely to us human beings. Our body requires the correct availability and volume of key nutrients so you can be resilient and perform to the best of your ability. Lawns and turf are quite similar in the sense that grass also needs the correct type and volume to be robust and healthy. MOTO Turf has a series of testing options to help you understand the nutrient availability (within either the plant or profile) and produce a tailored nutrition programme that is backed from our knowledge, research and proven history. Having the ability to analyse the availability and a progamme to guide you through what products to apply when and at what rates will deliver a lawn of your dreams.

Check out our range of Liquid Fertiliser / Slow Release Fertiliser

Our organic fertilisers utilise naturally-derived ingredients to release the nutrients your grass needs at a slow and sustainable rate. By getting a lawn fertiliser in NZ, you can encourage a more uniform growth in your lawn. Starting with the fact that your stretch of grass will be lush and healthy, there are multiple benefits to the lawn nutrition products that we can provide here at MOTO Turf.

A cost-effective and financially sustainable solution

Slow-release fertilisers deliver the nutrients your plants need over a longer period of time. Compared to quick fertilisers, slow-release fertilisers can last for up to eight weeks longer. That means you don’t have to spend as much money on an effective fertiliser.

Less frequent mowing

You might be thinking: wouldn’t frequent mowing be the price I have to pay for a green lawn?

Not necessarily! While fast fertilisers will give your lawn a rapid burst of growth that will require you to mow more often, our slow-release fertilisers will help your grass grow at a steady and healthy rate. In addition, If you find your are forever mowing your lawn and want to spend less time mowing, Moto Turf have a magic product called ProPGR that will regulate the growth of your lawn and reduce your mowing frequency in half while still enhancing your lawn capability. Imagine you have just mowed your lawn to your liking and then apply ProPGR. It will be like taking a photo of your lawn and it will remain for up to 4 weeks. Slow and steady wins the race – and your reward is a stunning lawn with little maintenance.

Better for your lawn

The slow release of nutrients with our lawn fertiliser in NZ puts less strain on your grass than fast-release fertiliser does. Too much stress on any plant is unnatural and unsustainable. Happy grass is healthy grass – your lawn will be less likely to contract diseases.

Show pride in your home with a gorgeous lawn

With the help of MOTOTurf, you can enjoy the aesthetic, environmental, and financial benefits of having green and healthy grass.

All plants, including grass, improve air quality. The healthier your lawn, the more carbon dioxide emissions it will absorb and the more oxygen it will release. An abundant patch of grass will also help keep your outdoor spaces cooler – ideal for those hot summer days.

With a visually appealing and luxurious lawn, you will create a space to spend more time outdoors. It’s important to give yourself somewhere that you can relax – especially with more and more people working from home. 

The perfect place to do that is outside on your beautiful grass. Get out a hammock or picnic blanket and read that book you’ve been looking forward to. Or, set up a fun game such as croquet or soccer to play with your kids and let out some energy.

Enjoy all of these benefits with our team at MOTO Turf. Whatever your lawn or turf needs, we are here to help. We provide a selection of premium products including lawn fertiliser NZ, grass seeds, and pesticides. 

Our expert team can also offer a range of services that you may need, from no-obligation consultation and lawn care advice to assistance with getting your lawn maintenance done correctly.

At MOTO Turf, we use the best materials available to ensure that we exceed your expectations every time. We know everything there is to know about lawn care, mowing, watering, pesticides, fertilisers, problems and solutions, pests and seeds. If you’re looking for a company that will put your experience first, deliver exceptional service, and never compromise on quality, give us a call.

You deserve to have a gorgeous outdoor space at your home that you can show off. Take your lawn to the next level with MOTO Turf.

A Holistic Approach to Lawn Nurturing

By partnering with the grass specialists at MOTO Turf, you’re investing in pristine lawns for years to come. We believe that every homeowner should have access to top-tier lawn care, and we’re dedicated to making that vision a reality. With a team that is always updated on the latest lawn care trends and techniques, you can be assured of receiving nothing short of excellence.

Your Grass Specialist in Auckland

Every blade of grass has its own story, and MOTO Turf is here to help you craft a perfect narrative for your lawn. As lawn specialists, our vision is to turn every lawn into a green canvas that showcases nature’s beauty.

Professional Lawn Care Services

Our comprehensive professional lawn care services are designed to cater to every aspect of your lawn’s health. From soil revitalisation to ensuring balanced growth, our lawn care specialists make sure your yard stands out in the neighbourhood.

Lawn Care Specialist Near Me? Yes, at MOTO Turf!

Our commitment to quality and grass expertise ensures that you never have to wonder, “Where can I find a lawn care professionals near me?” We’re right here in Auckland, just a consultation away. Allow us to demonstrate why Kiwis have trusted us since 2018 to transform their lawns into a breathtaking expanse of green.

Shop From Your Local Lawn Care Specialists

MOTO Turf isn’t just about lawn care; it’s about cultivating experiences, memories, and moments on a backdrop of lush green. When you choose us, you’re choosing a partner who understands the language of the soil, the whispers of the grass, and the dreams of the homeowner. Reach out to our lawn care specialist near you and unlock the true potential of your lawn.

Our organic range

We wholeheartedly support the use of organic lawn care products, not only because they are both better for the environment but also because they will make your lawn lusher and healthier. Check out our range of seaweed fertilisers and slow-release organic fertilisers now!

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