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Kikuyu grass is a fast-growing and hardy form of grass that is visually appealing and easy to maintain, making it ideal for many Kiwi homes. Here at Moto Turf, we provide high-quality Kikuyu grass seed products. If you’re hoping to establish a new lawn, Kikuyu is a fantastic option.

A durable and hardy grass, Kikuyu is great for anyone who expects to use their turf a fair amount. Families and homes who play a lot of sport will be able to do so happily without damaging the lawn.

Kikuyu is one of the most popular types of grass in New Zealand because it is one of the only drought-tolerant species available. Native to East African highlands, few other kinds of lawn seeds can handle the conditions in Aotearoa’s coastal areas. It is also an excellent choice if your backyard gets a lot of sunshine and you would like to be water efficient.

Because of its tough nature, Kikuyu grass is one of the most commonly used species on sports fields.

Here at Moto Turf, our team of lawn care specialists is here to help you achieve that perfect green la wn. Read on if you want to find out whether Kikuyu is right for you.

Kikuyu seeds & control

The robustness and fast growth of Kikuyu grass seed products make it a fantastic option if you want a hardy lawn, but it can get in the way of the growth of some of your other plants. Due to its aggressive growth, Kikuyu tends to invade plant beds and ground covers and cause problems with water systems. 

Gardeners will find that hand-pulling Kikuyu out of the areas it invades can become a losing battle. Its roots spread via underground runners, so what you see on your lawn is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how far the plant itself extends. Pulling out part of the plant will only temporarily hinder the growth.

Many gardeners consider Kikuyu to be a weed because of these reasons. However, if you manage to keep it within the area that you want it, Kikuyu serves as a good choice for your lawn.

Removing Kikuyu grass

Listed below are the most common ways gardeners control Kikuyu grass after it has grown beyond where they want it. Our team at Moto Turf recommends that you try more than one at a time to work out which method is your favourite.

Before you plant your Kikuyu grass seed, call your local agricultural office to ensure it is not an invasive species in your area. If there is a risk of your grass damaging native flora, you should find a different lawn seed.

Hand pulling

As we explained, hand pulling is only a temporary solution. It will remove the grass from the surface, but there will still be a lot of underground runners lurking where you can’t reach.


Our various pesticide services at Moto Turf are effective measures at keeping Kikuyu grass in check. This is easier when the Kikuyu is invading stonework or garden walls, as we can use most pesticides to dial back the growth. 

If the Kikuyu has made its way through a garden bed, getting rid of it can become trickier. We don’t want to kill the other plants when we spray the excess grass. Talk to our team at Moto Turf to find out what selective pesticides can get rid of the invasive grass without harming your other plants.

Using the right pesticides will hold back the Kikuyu spread without damaging the lawn or the other plants you want in your garden.

Care for your Kikuyu lawn

Despite the difficulties that Kikuyu can present when it interacts with the rest of your garden, this is a species of grass that is generally very easy to look after. Green all year round, able to thrive in dry or wet conditions, Kikuyu is a great solution for anyone requiring hardy grass. It is important to note, however, that it does not do so well in frosty conditions, so we suggest you look at other options if you live far down the South Island.

Regular watering will be required if you are planting a fresh Kikuyu lawn. While it can be a little slow to grow at first, it will spring up quickly after that.

Kikuyu grass requires very little mowing – in fact, it does better the less you mow it. If you leave the grass untouched, it will grow into a thick green mat 10 to 15 cm high. It rarely needs fertiliser, being able to grow in most types of soil

Unlock the potential of your lawn with Moto Turf

If a Kikuyu lawn sounds like it would work well for you, give us a call at Moto Turf to find out how we can make it happen for you!

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