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Our team at MOTO Turf has the knowledge and experience to help you create the perfect garden for your home. If you are looking to grow or renovate your backyard, we are here to help you find the ideal kind of grass seed for your needs. 

You might be thinking that all grass is the same, but that is not the case. The people next door could have a different species of grass growing than you – you could even have multiple species of grass growing in your own backyard!

On this page, we outline what the five most common types of grass are in New Zealand. If you’re eager to get stuck into some work on your lawn, check out our tips on how to cultivate a DIY lawn.

Choose the right seed species and protect your lawn from bed bugs

The species of grass seed you choose for your yard is crucial if you want to make the most of your turf. Matching your lawn to your climate, how much care you are willing to put in, and your needs are the best methods to ensure that you have a gorgeous, pest-free turf.

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is a dark green colour and has a coarse texture. You’ll find that it bunches and stays upright even when you walk or run on it. This hardy grass endures through dry summers and can handle the trampling from a backyard soccer game.

Tall Fescue is an affordable and low-maintenance option for busy people who are looking for a durable patch of lawn.

Fine Fescue

Fine Fescue has a narrower leaf than many of the other types of grass that you will encounter. It has a lovely soft look, and it thrives in shady areas. The biggest strength of this grass is that it has some ingrained defences against some pests, such as beetles, helping keep unwanted visitors away from your home.

One of the downsides to Fine Fescue is that it can be sensitive to impact, so it is not the best choice for anyone with pets or children or who likes to play a sport in their yard. Heat and drought also can be tough on Fine Fescue grass, but it revives itself readily after a good rainfall.


Another durable species of grass, Kikuyu is ideal for anyone who enjoys outdoor play. With its ability to adapt to various types of soil and weather conditions, it is easy to grow and maintain. You’ll likely see a lot of Kikuyu on the coast of New Zealand, as it is one of the few types of grass seed that can handle sandy soil. Kikuyu grass seeds love to spread themselves around, so be careful of it invading any of your garden beds or stonework.


Ryegrass is a favourite for use on sporting venues. It has the ability to recover quickly after tough winters and in some instances won’t like too much shade. Though it requires more intensive watering than say Kikuyu in the summer, Rye will continue to look fantastic all year round with the right care and is great for people with extra sunny gardens.

Mixed blend

Mixed blend grass can be tricky to look after if you aren’t familiar with lawn care. The initial sowing of this grass is a strange experience, as different types of grass grow at different rates. More maintenance is required for mixed blend grass, especially as it tends to wander and attract weeds.

Caring for your lawn

A beautiful lawn can showcase your backyard and function as a hub for valuable social and relaxation time. Making your lawn look perfect is one of the hallmarks of homeownership, one that will be valued by you, your family, and your friends.

No matter what type of grass you end up choosing, you can make it work for your needs with the help of our team at MOTO Turf. A little knowledge of lawn care, a sprinkle of fertiliser, and a good grass seed will go a long way in making your turf thrive.

Many of the grasses that you’ll find on your lawn can be seen in the pastures of New Zealand’s farms. 

Most lawns are best kept between 10 and 15 centimetres high. Grass that grows too long will likely start to thatch, an issue that is difficult to get rid of when it arises.

Some grasses do better than others depending on the region you live in. If you would like to know more, give our lawn care experts at MOTO Turf a call. We can help you determine what kind of grass would be best for your needs and provide advice on how to bring it to your yard.

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