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If your yard is in need of a fix-up and you’re debating whether to hire lawn care services or do the work on your own, our team at MOTO Turf is here to tell you all about what the job would entail. Read on to learn everything you need to know about lawn renovation DIY.

As long as you have the time, patience, the ability to do a bit of heavy lifting, and a clear plan, you can enjoy the satisfaction of making your turf look perfect with your own two hands. 

You might want to tidy up your lawn for a number of reasons. If your backyard is patchy or full of weeds, making it an unpleasant place to spend your time, it’s time to give it a bit of TLC. Rabbit holes and pests are further reasons why your lawn requires some work.

DIY products for lawn renovation

Here at MOTO Turf, we offer a range of products that you can use to clean up your lawn. Check out our pesticide services if pest removal is going to be the key to making your garden look fantastic.

By following our lawn renovation DIY tips and tricks, you can cultivate a yard full of thick, green grass. In theory, you can fix your lawn any time of the year, but early in spring is the best time for easy results.

Before you begin, clear away any stones, rubbish, sand, and debris on your grass. Loosen up the soil with a lawn sweeper.

Getting rid of weeds

Pesticides and hand-pulling are the most common ways to get rid of weeds. Our team at MOTO Turf recommends using an organic pesticide to kill weeds for good without damaging the environment or risking the health of you and your family. Give our team a call for a no-obligation consultation about keeping weeds out of your garden.

Thickening up your turf

If your grass is looking tired and thin, you can take on an overseeding method. All you have to do is spread grass seeds over your existing lawn, ideally using a species that matches the one you already have. Our team can help you determine what kind of grass you have growing in your yard if you’re unsure. 

Follow the package instructions to find out the best time of year to overseed your lawn. It may differ depending on the species. 

Reviving a sick lawn

Grass with discolouration in patches may have a fungal infection or another disease. It is certainly not getting the nutrients it needs. Our lawn renovation DIY experts at MOTO Turf can help you work out exactly what is ailing your lawn and provide advice on a tailored solution to bring it back to full health.

A brand new lawn

You might simply wish to start from scratch and create a brand new lawn for yourself. Here are our tips on how to make that happen:

Get rid of the grass that’s there

There are a few ways to kill your current patch of lawn. We can provide easy-to-use grass killer here at MOTO Turf. Or, you could cover your yard in 10 layers of wet newspaper and compost and wait six weeks. Either way, your backyard will be a bit of an eyesore for a time… but don’t worry, it will be worth it!

Set up an irrigation system

This is an optional solution that will work better in some areas than others. Irrigation is handy if you don’t often get rain but can be tricky if your area has to undergo water restrictions.

Choose your seeds

Make sure you find a grass type that works well in your area. Prepare your soil, then follow package instructions to seed your lawn. Using a fertiliser from MOTO Turf will be the best way to make sure your grass gets the nutrients it needs.

Alternatively, you could lay down ready-for-use turf. Don’t worry, using turf won’t take away the DIY element of your project!

Caring for your new lawn

Wait a few weeks for your grass to settle in before you mow it. The amount of time you should wait will vary depending on the species of grass. In general, when it is long enough to mow down to 10 to 15 cm high, you can get out there. And throughout the project, don’t forget to take photos of your progress! The satisfaction of your progress will more than compensate for your sore muscles.

Making your backyard a wonderful green environment is achievable and extremely rewarding. Once your lawn is flourishing, you’ll be able to invite over your friends to show off your achievement. 

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have the time to do it yourself – our team at MOTO Turf can save you time and effort while delivering the results you want as well. Give us a call to discuss what solutions would work best for your needs.

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