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Are you eager for your backyard to look gorgeous all year round? A green lawn is a symbol of a lovely home. With the help of our team at MOTO Turf, you can make your grass the envy of your neighbours and an integral part of your outdoor relaxation time.

Keeping a great lawn takes time, patience, and a good amount of mahi. But it is worth it for the outcome: an aesthetically pleasing and inviting space for you to spend your downtime.

MOTO Turf’s expert tips to keep lawn green in summer

Our lawn care experts at MOTO Turf are here to help you spruce up your knowledge on getting your lawn maintenance skills ship-shape. Read on to learn our top tips for getting your lawn perfect!


The frequency of watering and the quantity of water you use are essential parts of keeping a green lawn. Knowing what kind of grass seed is growing in your yard is valuable in determining how your lawn gets watered. 

Always make sure your water is cold when watering your turf. Hot water can overheat and kill grassroots. You can prevent water from getting hot in your hose by spraying out all the excess water after you turn the hose off.

You likely won’t need to worry about watering your lawn in the rainy seasons of autumn and winter. A general guideline that you can use in the summer is to make sure you water your lawn about once a week and to do so in the morning. In the morning, the air is cooler, so it gives your grass time to absorb the water and photosynthesize when the sun comes out.


An unavoidable part of lawn maintenance is mowing. While it can feel like a chore, keeping up on your mowing is the best way to successfully cultivate a green lawn. How often you need to mow will vary depending on rainfall, but you will generally need to give your grass a trim when it surpasses 15 centimetres in height. Take note of the following tips to make the most of this job:

  • Mow between 8 and 10 am 
  • Make sure the grass is dry when you get out your lawnmower
  • Keep your lawnmower blades sharp
  • Use a weed trimmer on your edges


Our organic and seaweed fertilisers at MOTO Turf are ideal for making sure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs. Fertilisers work in tandem with all the other maintenance that you carry out on your lawn to establish lush, healthy grass.

The best time to fertilise your grass is during its growing season. Some grasses grow more during warm seasons, while others prefer the cooler months. Find out what type of grass you have and talk to us at MOTO Turf to learn what its growing season is.

Using organic fertiliser is a fantastic way to sustainably feed your grass a diverse range of minerals and nutrients. There is a lower risk of overstimulating your grass with organic fertiliser than it is with inorganic products, making it an easy task to get a green lawn.

Weeding and controlling pests

The most effective way to keep weeds and pests out of your lawn is to plan ahead. Follow these steps for your best chance of a pest-free lawn:

  • Cut your grass tall to deprive weeds of the sunlight they need to grow
  • Pulling weeds from the ground when it is moist is easier than when the ground is dry
  • Use organic herbicide and pesticides to discourage weeds, bugs, and vermin from invading your turf


Like all living beings, grass needs oxygen to survive. You know your grassroots is getting enough air if you can smoothly push a knife into the soil. If not, your soil requires aeration. That can easily get done on a small lawn by pushing a garden fork into the ground at 15-20 centimetre intervals across the grass. If your yard is too large for you to do this task, you can hire an aeration machine.

Make your dream garden happen today!

With the help of our team at MOTO Turf, you can create for yourself a fantastically thick and lush green lawn. The best part is, none of our tips is difficult or complex to carry out!

If you’re trying out these lawn maintenance tips for the first time, we suggest taking before and after photos so you can really see the difference. Getting your backyard to look great is an extremely satisfying experience, and we are sure you will feel proud of achieving great results with your own two hands.

Over time, lawn maintenance will become second nature to you, and you will be able to enjoy having a perfect patch of grass on your property. If you’d like to know more about making that happen, get in touch with our team at MOTO Turf today!

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