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Liquid Pro + Kakariki | Fertiliser

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Liquid Pro + Kakariki is a matchless liquid nitrogen and iron lawn and garden fertiliser which will give an instant green up and nutritional value. It has a unique SRN-IQ nitrogen technology intentionally developed to maximise plant uptake, stabilised release and enhance rootzone activity.

Benefits for your lawn and garden:

  • Contains SRN-IQ nitrogen technology for enriched plant utilisation with prolonged plant growth.
  • Highly available and reliable nutrition with ammonium stabilised nitrogen.
  • Exceptional mixing versatility and highly compatible with other fertiliser and agrichemicals.
  • Perfect iron and manganese analysis in a plant available form for instant green up or colour response. 33% iron from chelate form for best availability and formulation stability.
  • Flexibility in application rates to accommodate differing nutritional and green up responses.
  • Effective solution for all grass and plants and will offer 4-6 weeks cover.
  • Ideal product to make your lawn stand-out from the rest.


Using Liquid Pro + Kakariki:

Application Rate / 100m2 Application interval Comments
Maintain optimum nutrition and colour for fine or premier turf. 200mL – 400mL 2 – 4 weeks For premier results repeat on a fortnightly programme. If you would like an on-off green-up apply at higher rate.
Maintain optimum nutrition and colour for general lawns and turf. 300mL- 500mL 4 – 6 weeks For premier results repeat on a fortnightly programme. If you would like an on-off green-up apply at higher rate.
Landscape plants and Ornamentals. 300mL 4 – 6 weeks For ideal results repeat on a monthly basis.

Pro Tips from our Turf expert:

  • For best Liquid Pro + Kakariki results contact our Turf expert for your free bespoke nutrition programme.
  • Mow your lawn in advance of applying Liquid Pro + Kakariki and avoid mowing 24 hours following application.
  • You will need a knapsack sprayer apply with a fan nozzle (red nozzle if from Solo)
  • Purchase one of our graduated measuring jugs to measure the quantity you need specific for your lawn. These will give precise results without wastage.
  • When mixing, fill your knapsack sprayer halfway to your required volume of water. Shake container of Liquid Pro + Kakariki and then add required amount to knapsack. Then fill knapsack to required volume of water then shake before applying.
  • When applying keep overlapping to a minimum to avoid wastage and leaf burning. Walk at your normal pace (not too fast or too slow) to ensure the targeted application area receives Liquid Pro + Kakariki evenly to maximise effectiveness.
  • Visibility of application should be clear due to the iron content will identify areas already sprayed.
  • Best to apply in early morning or late evening during summer months to avoid high temperatures.
  • Be mindful to keep your application targeted to grass or plant as the iron content can cause staining to hard surfaces. If this occurs it can be recovered by washing off with your hose straight away.
  • Post application irrigation or water inputs aren’t required.
  • Liquid Pro + Kakariki can also be used in conjunction with herbicide applications ‘weed and feed’ however, contact us for further information.


Product Form: Liquid

Appearance: Dark brown colour

Application Rate: 200-500mL per 100m2

Analysis: 15% N, 6% Fe, 2% Mn

Available sizes: 1L, 5L. We can tailor volumes to suit your requirements and situation. Get in touch to discuss.


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