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Biocharge 3kgBiocharge 3kg

Biocharge | Organic Fertiliser

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Biocharge is a heat dried bio-solid manufactured from the surplus micro-organisms used in aeration ponds of municipal waste water treatment. (Note: it is not manufactured from the sludge). These “clean” microorganisms are separated from the “clean” effluent water and rotationally dried in a high temperature thermal drying process which sterilises, pelletises and dries Biocharge to 90% solids.

70% organic matter – therefore excellent soil conditioning properties.

Maintenance: Apply 7.5kg/100m2
Renovation or establishment of new seed: Apply 10kg/100m2

Caution: Do not apply to grazing land.
Store in dry conditions. Improper storage (damp) could result in foul odours.
Warning: If used above the recommend rate turf burn can occur. Turf burn looks a red/brown colour post application. Your grass will be set back, but it will recover. Contact us for advice.

Available in sizes 3kg, 7kg


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