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MoisturePro G 3kgMoisturePro G 3kg

MoisturePro G | Granular Wetting Agent

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Moisutre ProG is an easy to apply granular wetting agent providing the best residual wetting performance in both sand and soil profiles. Moisture ProG will offer the opportunity to save upto 50% of your water consumption.

Benefits for your lawn and garden:

  • Vastly improves water usage by enabling smarter water penetration and retention through organic layers and plant rootzones.
  • Reduces irrigation requirements by increasing the rate and depth of water penetration.
  • Effective solution for both sand and heavier soil profiles.
  • No staining to hard surfaces.
  • No burn formula.


Pro Tips from our Turf expert:

  • For best Moisture ProG results contact our Turf expert for your free bespoke wetting agent programme.
  • Easy to apply with hand-held spreader (Scotts on setting 4 or similar equivalent).
  • Keep overlapping to a minimum to avoid wastage and ensure the targeted application area receives Moisture ProG evenly to maximise effectiveness.
  • To preserve water consumption, time the application ahead of scheduled rain or alternatively you can irrigate 5-6mm to wash off the plant leaf and release the Moisture ProG active ingredients.
  • For optimum moisture management a handy tool to use to identify hydrophobic areas is an infrared thermometer (surface temperature hand held device). The optimum surface temperatures for cool and warm season grass differ, please contact us for more detail.
  • No need to mow lawn before application.


Using Moisture ProG:

Application Rate/100m2 Comments
Maintain optimum moisture content and prevention of Dry Spot or hydrophobicity in your lawn or turf. 1.25 – 2.5 kg Moisture ProG is best applied early in optimum growing season for your lawn to avoid moisture stress (October – April). Should you need to relieve plant stress it can be used curatively to hydrophobic growing mediums any time of year.
Maintain optimum moisture content in Garden beds, planter boxes and mulches. 2.5kg Moisture ProG can be either applied to surface area of your garden bed or incorporated into the profile. Both methods offers the best results for you garden and ornamental needs.

Product Form: Granules

Application Rate: 1.25 – 2.5 kg

Active Ingredient: 20% active non-ionic wetting agent on zeolite.

Available sizes: 3kg, 7kg. We can tailor volumes to suit your requirements and situation. Get in touch to discuss.


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