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Multi Initiator 4kgMulti Initiator 4kg

Multi-intiator | Fertiliser

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Pro Multi-initiator is a matchless and exclusive granular fertiliser tailored to increase the speed of lawn renovations or seed establishment projects. It contains four of the most commonly used products for lawn and seed renovations giving superior results. Having the 4in1 product solution offers a precise release of nutrients and support for the plant’s needs to increase speed of recovery or establishment.

Pro Multi-initiator four core ingredients:

  1. Perfectly balanced granule nutrition N, P, K, Calcium, Sulphur and Iron analysis.
  2. Granulated gypsum for advancing sand or soil structure to empower profile remediation.
  3. Wetting agent in granule form for initial wetting and moisture retention in rootzone.
  4. Granular organic seaplant meal to stimulate microbial activity.

Benefits for your lawn renovation:

  • Nicely sized granule formulation for application efficiency with renovations or grass establishment.
  • Following intensive cultivation treatments such as coring, scarifying or aeration. It has the ability to fall into the holes or grooves for concentrated recovery and establishment.
  • Natural organic seaplant meal to stimulate microbial activity (without layering) and offer simple plant carbohydrates which the plant can rely on during stress or disease periods.
  • Highly available nutrition and organic plant stimulation lasting 8+ weeks (potentially longer on release conditions).
  • Granule wetting agent to ensure optimum moisture content is maintained through plant recovery and establishment phases.
  • Maximise lawn quality, appearance and ability to withstand plant stress or disease when renovating or establishing seed.
  • Effective solution for all grasses and cultivars.


Using Pro Multi-initiator:

Application Rate / 100m2 Comments
Maintain optimum nutrition and moisture retention for renovating fine or premier turf. 3kg – 4kg For premier renovation results repeat based on specific programme. 4-6mm of Irrigation is advised post application.
Maintain optimum nutrition and moisture retention for seeding fine or premier turf. 2kg- 3kg For excellent seeding results repeat on seeding programme. 4-6mm of Irrigation is advised post application.
Maintain optimum nutrition and moisture retention for turfing or readylawn. 2kg- 3kg For excellent readylawn results apply to growing medium before laying readylawn. 4-6mm of Irrigation is advised post application.

Pro Tips from our Turf expert:

  • For best Pro Multi-initiator results contact our Turf expert for your free bespoke application programme.
  • Once your lawn is renovated and/or seeded apply Pro Multi-initiator at the recommended rate and avoid any until lawn has recovered or established fully.
  • You will need a hand-held or walk-behind spreader specific for apply granulated products. These application tools will offer even and uniform applications. Talk with our Turf expert if you require setting assistance.
  • When applying keep overlapping to a minimum to avoid wastage and leaf burning. Walk at your normal pace (not too fast or too slow) to ensure the targeted application area receives Pro Multi-initiator consistently to gain full effectiveness.
  • Visibility of application should be clear as you should be able to see the granule sitting on the surface.
  • Best to apply once all physical renovation treatments are complete such as coring, scarifying or aeration and topdressing.
  • Be mindful to keep your applying targeted to your lawn as it can stain hard surfaces from the iron content. If this occurs it can be recovered by washing off with your hose straight away or sweep.
  • Post application irrigation or water inputs are required. For water consumption savings, apply Pro Multi-initiator before scheduled rain.

Product Form: Granular (125-150 SGN)

Application Rate: 2-4kg per 100m2

Analysis: 7% N, 3% P, 5% K, 9% Ca 0.5% Fe, 9% S

Available sizes: 2kg, 4kg. We can tailor volumes to suit your requirements and situation. Get in touch to discuss.


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