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Instant Kakariki ProInstant Kakariki Pro

Instant Kakariki Pro | Green Colourant

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Instant Kakariki Pro will transfer your lawn green in seconds.

Natural restoration of green turf colour with a pigment, not a dye, prolonging the healthy appearance of turf.
Long lasting, natural green colour up to four months (application rate dependant) providing a healthy appearance to both cold and warm season turf types.

If you have an unirrigated lawn and experience heavy drought stress during the summer months you can still achieve a green lawn with an application of Instant Kakariki Pro.

Mow your turf to desired height. 1L of Instant Kakariki Pro covers between 100 – 300 m2 of turf.
Summer application on discoloured turf, dilute 1L with 15 to 20L of water. Rate depends on desired colour. For best results on discoloured areas, two applications are recommended to blend the applied area with the existing turf.

Available in sizes 1L, 5L


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